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Integration Engineer

Location: Boston Region
Category: Information Technology
Employment Type: Contract

Duties & Responsibilities

·         Drive the entire Continuous Integration process.

·         Develop and harden integration test scripts and tools.

·         Mentor and train automation engineers on automation best practices.

·         Guide the work of junior integration engineers.

·         Unify all automation into meaningful executions and reports.

·         Manage Jenkins instances for both CI and Automation.

·         Configure and test new slave machines for automation, both Windows and Linux.

·         Design and develop visual dashboards to track daily automated events.

·         Establish and maintain automatic reporting so development teams know about failures quickly.

·         Work closely with release engineering, QA, operations, and development.

·         Triage environment issues and coordinate with other teams to resolve blockers.

Skills & Experience

·         BS in computer science or equivalent degree.  A developer background is a must.

·         1-3 years of work experience in a development or automation role.

·         Working knowledge of Maven, specifically in-build testing.

·         JMeter, RestAssured, Selenium, or Sikuli experience.

·         Knowledge of multiple programming languages ideally at different application tiers. Java is required.

·         Strong code and data analytic skills for script development.

·         Ability to understand the big picture of software deployment architectures.

·         Comfortable creating and configuring headless Linux systems.

·         General knowledge of development practices such as Agile, or specific implementations like Scrum.

·         Experience using code repositories such as GitHub or Stash.

·         Hands on knowledge of web proxies such as Charles, Fiddler, or Wireshark.

·         Strong communication skills both written and oral. 

Additional Skills & Experience

The following skills are an added bonus, but not required.

·         Practical experience using Jira, or another story tracking system.

·         Experience using VMWare products.

·         Prior history using a cloud provider such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.

·         Strong understanding of computer networking.

·         Knowledge of log analysis and aggregation tools such as Splunk.

Personal Qualities

·         Curious about technology and new trends in the industry.

·         Strong work ethic and motivation to complete tasks with high quality.

·         Positive attitude and eager to collaborate with colleagues.

·         Enjoy working effectively and efficiently with minimal downtime.

·         Believe that a busy day goes by faster than a slow day.

·         Able to handle multiple concurrent projects, deadlines, and responsibilities.

·         Ability to see areas for improvement in processes.