Dress for Success

What you wear to an interview will say a lot about you and your professionalism right when you walk in the door. You want to make sure you are dressed in line with their corporate culture, and even if it happens to be “casual Friday,” you want to look your best! Read on for some tips about appropriate interview attire for both men and women.

Behavioral Interviewing

Thirty percent of all organizations use behavioral interviewing to some degree. Unlike traditional interviews, which include such questions as “what are you strengths and weaknesses?” and “why are you interested in working for us?” behavioral interviewing emphasizes past performances and behaviors. Candidates who are unprepared for the rigor of behavioral interviewing have not fared well.

Hazards of a Counter-Offer

A counter-offer from your current employer can be very flattering. But the pull of the familiar may cause you to temporarily lose sight of the original objectives of your job change, leading you to second guess your decision. Here are 10 important reasons to consider not accepting that counter-offer.