Creative Job Search Techniques

February 2013

  1. Use the phone book!  Cold call organizations in your desired field. 

  2. Fax resumes with the headline “In anticipation of your next office opportunity”

  3. Put up a “job wanted” ad on Craigslist

  4. Snail mail resumes to a contact in HR at organizations in your desired field

  5. Hand deliver resumes to different departments

  6. Update your online resume profile weekly, this will keep you at the top of the list

  7. Most jobs are unadvertised (80%) subscribe to trade journals to find un-posted positions

  8. Attend local job fairs

  9. Subscribe to company newsletters

  10. Keep in contact even if you are passed up for a job

  11. Don’t take anything personally

  12. Fine tune your answers to standard interview questions

  13. Search niche job boards

  14. Practice your admin skills, up your typing speed

  15. Attend conferences and local events

  16. Email or call the CEO of your favorite companies

  17. Put links to professional profiles on your resume or email

  18. Have multiple people review your resume

  19. Research, research! Stay on top of industry news

  20. Expand vocabulary, incorporate industry buzz words in your everyday conversations

  21. Email all of your contacts on Facebook or your email and let them know you are looking for a job

  22. Plan a social event and ask your friends to bring a guest with them this expands your network

  23. Reverse look up phone numbers, faxes or emails to find contact information

  24. BCC yourself on every submittal you send

  25. Take the number of resumes you are sending out and DOUBLE IT!!