How You Can Get Noticed

February 2013

How You Can Get Noticed:


  1. Find the companies you want to work for in the social media arena. Larger companies have an internal recruiter or at least the HR division is heavily focused on recruiting and internal placements. Find out who they are – Link with them on LinkedIn, follow them on twitter. Make your interest known. What is their corporate culture? Do they use social media heavily, or are they consistently updating their blog with information? If they are speaking or promoting their company with some positive news – maybe a good financial quarter, retweet it and congratulate them.
  2. Make them see you as a thought leader. Be proactive about getting your knowledge and experience out there into the social media stratosphere. Consider writing a blog or at least some larger topics up for a conversation on LinkedIn. Take part in the conversation about other people’s thoughts on social sites as well. You can always use these when speaking with recruiters or other hiring managers during your job search.
  3. Use a staffing agency and recruiters to their fullest extent. Seek help from the people who are in the business of getting you a job. Ask them to go over your resume with you. Ask for pointers, keywords, and tips that will get your resume noticed. Read all you can on career sites and blogs for any additional insight or advice. 
  4. Start looking while you still have a job. It is a Catch-22, but the chances of you finding a new job are much higher if you are still in your current position. While that might not be possible for you, it is important to keep in mind when you are feeling antsy in your current position.
  5. Network. While this is an old adage; it’s still true. Be present and visible – be positive and knowledgeable about industry trends and news in your desired field or expertise.


All of these points are helpful, but it is important above all else to remain positive while you’re on the job hunt. People can hear the enthusiasm and your positive outlook over the phone and in your face – and trust us, it’s contagious. Stay focused on the end goal of discovering and landing the next step in your career. Good luck!