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Location: NY / JC Region
Category: Administrative
Employment Type: Contract

Paralegal at Financial Services (Long Term Contract Role)   up to $32/hr pay)

Much of the paralegals time will be spent carrying out routine tasks such as updating company files, preparing legal contracts, reviewing documents, and giving legal assistance. The corporate paralegal may handle executive summaries and directives. They also may be called on to assist with company compliance issues.

The corporate paralegal will offer services in corporate litigation procedures and other specific business legal needs. They may have to attend corporate meetings, prepare corporate resolutions, log board minutes, and other similar corporate items. Depending on the type of corporation hiring the paralegal, they may also need to have experience working on procedures and documents pertaining to finance, bankruptcy, securities, trademarks, patents, and other similar issues.

As with any paralegal position, strong verbal and written communication skills are a must. They also must be extremely accurate, and detailed in their paperwork. The ideal candidates will work well under pressure, as most corporate settings are fast-paced. Other skills needed include computer skills, a good working knowledge of standard office technology and equipment, and general office procedures.